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The Demonsouled series by Jonathan Moeller began with Mazael Cravenlock, the protagonist, returning to the Grim Marches. Mazael’s father had banished him fifteen years earlier.

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Order of Sworn Knight Short Stories/Novellas

# Read Title Published Details
1 The Dragon's Shadow ( By: Jonathan Moeller) 2012 Description / Buy
2 The Wandering Knight ( By: Jonathan Moeller) 2013 Description / Buy
3 Sacrifices (By: Jonathan Moeller) 2013 Description / Buy
4 The Tournament Knight ( By: Jonathan Moeller) 2013 Description / Buy
5 The Ransom Knight (By: Jonathan Moeller) 2014 Description / Buy
6 The Serpent Knight ( By: Jonathan Moeller) 2015 Description / Buy
7 The Bronze Knight (By: Jonathan Moeller) 2016 Description / Buy
8 The Rune Knight (Short Story) (By: Jonathan Moeller) 2016 Description / Buy
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And when he finally came home, the knight found that all was not quite as well as he remembered. His brother had put a foolish rebellion in motion and his sister seemed a little too determined to marry the wrong man.

The family drama might have overwhelmed Mazael if it wasn’t for the horde of corpses stalking the night. These foes would receive Mazael’s wrath. The Knight had a terrible secret.

His father was a demon and the creature’s vile blood often drove Mazael into violent mindsets that he could either fight or succumb to. So for Mazael, the horde plaguing the night was the distraction he needed to vent.

Mazael captivated audiences when Jonathan Moeller introduced him in the first Demonsouled novel.

Readers eagerly followed him on his journey as he overcame friend and foe in his effort to bring peace to the land, not to mention finally settling into his destined role as protector of the Grim Marches.

The World of the Demonsouled is a prequel series. “The Wandering Knight”, the first novella, finds Mazael playing the role of a wandering knight. After six years spent traversing the land, Mazael is hardly the picture of honor.

He only fights for money or amusement, and the notion of conquering evil and righting wrongs does not appeal to him.

His prioritize shift rather suddenly when he finds a nobleman and attempts to rescue the helpless fellow’s father. Mazael is thrown into an unexpectedly hazardous fight for his life, unaware that he has just taken his first steps towards a semi-righteous path.

The stories in the World of the Demonsouled series are very short, rarely longer than four dozen pages in length. They take place in the Demonsouled universe. As such, they are more likely to appeal to readers with an in-depth understanding of the Demonsouled story.

Of course, plenty of readers have had their first encounter with Mazael Cravenlock through the World of the Demonsouled series. “The Wandering Knight” is actually a decent starting point because it delves into the origins of its protagonist which, in turn, provides the author plenty of opportunities to introduce and elucidate upon the magical and fantastical concepts of the Demonsouled world.

Mazael is a pretty grim hero. His demonic origins are a constant source of pain for the knight whose darker attitudes are frequently at war with his better judgment.

Each novel finds Mazael facing off against a new enemy, one that is either threatening his life or looking to destroy his home. While Mazael initially fights for fame and glory, the protagonist eventually develops a few altruistic attributes.

Jonathan Moeller, the author was a computer repairman but his impressive visage reminiscent of the Visigothic Warrior Kings of Old set him apart. He has since achieved bestseller status.

Best World of the Demonsouled Books

These novels are often praised for their well-developed characters and fast-paced action, with some of the best books in the series including:

The Wandering Knight: Mazael was selfish. He had the power and the skill to overcome impossible odds but he fought only for his own glory. And after being banished by his father, Mazael was finally starting to acclimate to life as a wandering warrior.

But then he came across a desperate young man and his decision to save the poor sap’s father placed him on a collision course with a dangerous foe.

The Serpent Knight: Mazael was once just another landless knight wandering aimlessly beyond the borders of the Grim Marches. Then he came home and found a new purpose. Now everyone who ever opposed him is dead and his rule goes unchallenged.

When brigands bear their fangs at him, Mazael wastes no time in taking up his sword and raising hell. He doesn’t know it yet but his enemies are more than just simple bandits.

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What Is The Next Book in The Sworn Knight Short Stories/novellas?

There doesn't seem to be an upcoming book in The Sworn Knight Short Stories/novellas. The newest book is The Rune Knight and was released on October, 9th 2016.

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