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Lincoln Child was born in Westport, Connecticut in 1957. He is a famous writer of horror and thriller novels, especially techno-trillers. Child is especially renowned for his collaboration with fellow writer Douglas Preston, He graduated from Carleton College in Northfield, and got a degree in English. Child was performing the function of the editor at St Martin’s Press at the beginning of his career. After he left that publisher, he got a job at MetLife, as a system analyst. Child did not consider writing career until the mid 90’s. His first novel was published in 1995, and the success of the book opened him various opportunities and he seized them, thus becoming a full-time writer.

Order of Pendergast Series with Douglas Preston

1Relic 1995Description / Buy
2Reliquary 1997Description / Buy
3The Cabinet of Curiosities 2001Description / Buy
4Still Life with Crows 2003Description / Buy
5Brimstone 2004Description / Buy
6Dance of Death 2005Description / Buy
7The Book of the Dead 2006Description / Buy
8The Wheel of Darkness 2007Description / Buy
9Cemetery Dance 2009Description / Buy
10Fever Dream 2010Description / Buy
11Cold Vengeance 2011Description / Buy
12Extraction 2012Description / Buy
13Two Graves 2012Description / Buy
14White Fire 2013Description / Buy
15Blue Labyrinth 2014Description / Buy
16Crimson Shore 2015Description / Buy
17The Obsidian Chamber 2016Description / Buy
18City of Endless Night 2018Description / Buy
19Verses for the Dead 2018Description / Buy
20Crooked River 2020Description / Buy
21Bloodless 2021Description / Buy

Order of Dr. Jeremy Logan Series

1Deep Storm 2007Description / Buy
2Terminal Freeze 2008Description / Buy
3The Third Gate 2012Description / Buy
4The Forgotten Room 2015Description / Buy
5Full Wolf Moon 2017Description / Buy

Order of Gideon Crew Series with Douglas Preston

1Gideon's Sword 2011Description / Buy
2Gideon's Corpse 2012Description / Buy
3The Lost Island 2014Description / Buy
4Beyond the Ice Limit 2016Description / Buy
5The Pharaoh Key 2018Description / Buy

Order of Nora Kelly Series with Douglas Preston

1Thunderhead 1999Description / Buy
2Old Bones 2019Description / Buy
3The Scorpion's Tail 2021Description / Buy
4Diablo Mesa 2022Description / Buy

Order of Tales of the Dark Series

1Tales of the Dark ( With: Bram Stoker) 1987Description / Buy
2Tales of the Dark 2 1987Description / Buy
3Tales of the Dark 3 1988Description / Buy

Order of Lincoln Child Standalone Novels

1Mount Dragon ( With: Douglas Preston) 1996Description / Buy
2Riptide ( With: Douglas Preston) 1998Description / Buy
3Death Match 2000Description / Buy
4The Ice Limit ( With: Douglas Preston) 2000Description / Buy
5Utopia / Lethal Velocity 2002Description / Buy

Order of Lincoln Child Short Stories/Novellas

1Gone Fishing (Short Story) 2017Description / Buy

Order of Lincoln Child Short Story Collections

1Dark Company 1984Description / Buy
2Dark Banquet 1985Description / Buy

Lincoln Child Anthologies

1 Tales of the Dark1987Description / Buy
2 FaceOff2014Description / Buy
3 Gaslighted: Slappy the Ventriloquist Dummy vs. Aloysius Pendergast2014Description / Buy
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Child is probably best known for his series of novels about Agent Pendergast, which he wrote together with Douglas Preston. This series is comprised of more than dozen of sequels that proved to be very successful. Preston and Child published other mutual creations, most notably the “Gideon Crew” series. However, Child managed to write several novels alone in the 21st century. His opus consists of two stand-alone novels, as well as the well-known “Jeremy Logan Series”. Child also published several short stories.

Lincoln Child Books Into Movies/TV

Lincoln Child has made a couple of trips to Hollywood when it comes to the adaptations of his work. In 1997, Peter Hyams directed a movie called “The Relic”, which was based on Child’s first novel regarding Agent Pendergast. Child was cited as the author of the source material, and the film starred Tom Sizemore as Lt. Vincent D’Agosta, Penelope Ann Miller as Dr. Margo Green, and Linda Hunt as Dr. Ann Cuthbert. The movie was a modest success. On the other hand, it is speculated that a movie based on “Gideon Crew” series is about to be turned to the big screen.

Best Lincoln Child Books

The “Agent Pendergast” series remains the milestone of Lincoln Child’s opus. Among numerous novels written in this series, “Relic” and “The Cabinet of Curiosities” stand out as the most acclaimed.

“Relic” is the opening novel that started the renowned series. It was published in 1995 and is considered as the first novel written by Child. He wrote it together with Douglas Preston. In this initial novel of the series, evil lurks in the dark corridors of the New York Museum of National History. One of the favorite cultural sites turns into a nightmare as a streak of repulsive murders happens to unfortunate visitors who go way too far into the darkness of the museum. What is found particularly dreadful is the fact that the horrible acts do not seem as they could be done by the human hand. Nonetheless, the museum is not closed, Quite the contrary- the curator of the museum, Dr. Wright plans to throw a big party in the honor of a new exhibition. This ignorance of his may cost way too much, and there are people who are aware of it, most notably Margo Green. She is a researcher at the museum and she knows that there is some funny business in the dark. She will be helped by tough New York detective D’Agosta as they to try to stop the unfamiliar threat. Is it an act of humans or twisted nature?

“The Cabinet of Curiosities” is the third installment of “The Agent Pendergast Series”. This time, the danger lurks below the surface. In one of the abandoned charnel houses at Manhattan, a terrible discovery is made. Remnants of many victims are found, all of them left behind by a serial killer in the late 18th century. He lived in the notorious Five Points, where gangs were fighting each other in the middle of the street on a daily basis. The serial killer took the opportunity to perform his gruesome act due to some bizarre belief that that would prolong his life. It did nothing, however, than to inspire a series of similar murders in present-day New York. The police, as usual, is slow at performing its duties, and once again it all comes down to Agent Aloysius Pendergast and his crew. This time, it is assembled of Nora Kelly, an attractive archeologist who provides with the practical knowledge, a journalist called Smithback, and an Irish policeman O’Shaughnessy. This unlikely quartet has to figure out who stands behind grisly murders before things become too heated. Will moody Pendergast prevail once again?

When Does The Next Lincoln Child book come out?

Lincoln Child doesn't seem to have an upcoming book. Their newest book is The Scorpion's Tail and was released on January, 12th 2021. It is the newest book in the Nora Kelly Series.

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