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Harper Connelly is the lead character in the Harper Connelly mystery series of novels by the American novelist Charlaine Harris. The first novel featuring the character was the 2005 published title “Grave Sight”, that went on to achieve massive popularity among urban fantasy enthusiasts.

Order of Harper Connelly Series

# Read Title Published Details
1 Grave Sight 2005 Description / Buy
2 Grave Surprise 2006 Description / Buy
3 An Ice Cold Grave 2007 Description / Buy
4 Grave Secret 2009 Description / Buy
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Harper Connelly the lead in the series is a 24-year-old woman who comes from a family that is the quintessential rags-to-riches story. She has a brother Tolliver who is a product of her mother’s remarriage to another man when she was a teenager. Their parents were drug addicts and it was not long before their family had been decimated by their drug problem. But everything changed when Harper is struck by lightning, which left her with the unique ability to tell cause of death of anyone, which she uses to make herself and her brother rich.

When we are first introduced to Harper Connelly in “Grave Sight”, she has what most people would consider an odd job. She can locate a dead person and share with their loved ones just what happened in the very last moments before their death. For Harper, the unique ability is an essential service as she brings much-needed closure to the deceased family, even as most of her clients still think she is a blood-sucking leech.

Traveling with Tolliver her brother who doubles up as bodyguard and manager, she soon becomes proficient at getting gigs, getting paid, and leaving the scene fast. The intrigues and struggles of the series of novels just goes on to showcase the exceptional storytelling skills of Charlain Harris that have made her an award-winning novelist over the years.


CBS was once interested in adapting the books into a series executive produced by Tony Scott and Ridley Scott but would later pass on it. In April 2012, SyFy bought the rights to the series and confirmed that the Harper Connelly series would be made into a television series. The date of release for the series has yet to be announced.


Grave Sight: The first in the series is one of the most popular titles and is regarded by most fans as one of the best books ever written by Charlaine Harris. Harper Connelly’s first novel is an intriguing narrative that introduces the lead and her equally weird brother Tolliver. While she is not a detective per se given that she cannot tell who killed the deceased, the team is a great help for families needing that one last word with their loved ones.

An Ice Cold Grave: The riveting first novel in the Harper Connelly series. The team has been hired to locate a boy that has disappeared in Doraville, North Carolina. The case gets interesting when team weird gets there to learn that the missing boy was just one of several disappearances in five years. With her special abilities, Harper soon locates all eight victims that had been disposed of in a half frozen field. Looking to leave after collecting her fee, she finds herself embroiled in a police investigation that she wanted nothing to do with. Her involvement soon stands her in good stead as she learns the long hidden secrets and dark mysteries of the town, that come in handy when she becomes the hunted in a strange town.

Grave Secret The fourth novel in the series is one of its most popular as it is a deeper look into the horrible childhood of the lead protagonists that resulted in their paranormal powers. The sibling’s father just got out of jail, and is trying to reconnect with his family, who unsurprisingly want nothing to do with him. However, they may not have much choice in the matter as family secrets ensnare Harper and Tolliver to change their lives forever.


Most Harper Connelly fans loved the “Sloane Skye” Series of novels by Tami Dane. The series of novels feature Sloan Skye, the expert paranormal investigator attached to the FBI’s paranormal unit working to resolve complex paranormal happenings.

Fans of the Harper Connelly series of novels are also fans of the “Corine Solomon” series of novels by Ann Aguirre. The series of novels feature the lead character Corine who has the uncanny ability to know an object’s history by touching it.

What Is The Next Book in The Harper Connelly Series?

There doesn't seem to be an upcoming book in The Harper Connelly Series. The newest book is Grave Secret and was released on October, 27th 2009.