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How does a person react and act to a brusque and informal notice saying that his or her beloved child has been abducted? Worse still, how does the involved person control himself or herself against the prospect of informing the concerned authorities contrary to the kidnap note, which also recommends an absurd idea? Whatever the measures the parent has to take, it should be well calculated. The parent, who is a mother in this context, needs an analytical mind and, most importantly, nerves of steel. Such is the predicament which the mother, who is at crossroads, finds herself in the Cruxys Solutions Investigations series.

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Order of Cruxys Solutions Investigations Series

# Read Title Published Details
1 The Locker (By: Adrian Magson) 2016 Description / Buy
2 The Bid ( By: Adrian Magson) 2017 Description / Buy
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Incidentally, the title of the series is borrowed from the detective agency contained therein. Ruth Gonzales and Andy Vaslik, who are both private detectives and a dream team working in the said agency, are the featured protagonists in the Cruxys Solutions Investigations series.

Having been published relatively recently, there are, albeit understandably, comparatively fewer editions of the first book. Even so, the first edition out of the approximately three editions was initially published in January 2016, titled The Locker, and this series is shelved under the mystery, psychological thriller, contemporary crime fiction, and European (British) literature genres.

Best Cruxys Solutions Investigations Books

The Locker: The first book in the series, The Locker, chronicles the tribulation of the mother of the kidnapped child. The title of the book is also based on “the locker” which the mother liked most and wherein the kidnap note was found. The mother is called Nancy Hardman; she is a British citizen and her occupation is bookkeeping. The child, which is aged four and a baby girl, is called Beth. This child has been abducted alongside the nanny who is called Tiggi. Beth’s father is called Michael, who allegedly is an aid worker, is working in a foreign country but there seems to be more that meets the eye. The name of the gym is Fitness Plus.

The turning point in the said book is the kidnap note which has been slipped in the mother’s preferred locker in her go-to gym, suggesting that whoever did it was conversant with her routine. Specifically, the kidnap note states that she is behindhand on taking any spur-of-the-moment action; what’s more, it warns Nancy Hardman against notifying the police but advises her to notify her husband. On the flip side, her husband, the so-called aid worker, cannot be located. Fortunately for her, her husband provided her with a specific number and code which, on calling, prompted Cruxys Solutions Investigations detectives Gonzales and Vaslik into action.

The way through which the story develops proves Adrian Magson‘s adroitness and is a stark reminder of when he was shortlisted for the Debut Dagger.

Cruxys Solutions Investigations Awards

Adrian Magson is not just another run-off-the-mill author. To labor the point, his name was among those who were shortlisted for the Debut Dagger in year 2001. The Crime Writers’ Association is the patron of the aforementioned award.

Cruxys Solutions Investigations Books Turned Into Movies/TV

Novelist Adrian Magson has a laundry list of literary works. Among them is a novel titled Red Station. The novel, which was published in 2010, is the first one in the Harry Tate series. A production company called Benderspink, which is based in Los Angeles, California, secured the film rights. The name of that company is a brainchild and a truncation of the legal names of JC Bender and Chris Spin– both of them are American filmmakers.

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Finally, “John Wells” series, which is penned by Alex Berenson, was also liked. The featured protagonist, John Wells, is a CIA agent who, after infiltrating Al Qaeda’s uppermost hierarchy and becoming a staunch Muslim, is instructed by the terrorist group’s second-in-command to carry out an attack in the US.

What Is The Next Book in The Cruxys Solutions Investigations Series?

There doesn't seem to be an upcoming book in The Cruxys Solutions Investigations Series. The newest book is The Bid and was released on January, 8th 2017.

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