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The Daniel Vartanian series of books is written by the American author Karen Rose. The Daniel Vartanian series is hard to pin down to one genre, although they are deemed to be psychological thrillers with a bit of romance thrown into the mix too. Although not the main character in his first appearance in a Karen Rose book, Daniel Vartanian soon comes to the fore. He is the brother of a serial killer, which although helps him get into the mind of his foes, it also acts as a hindrance, with his peers often suspicious of him.

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Order of Philadelphia/Atlanta Series

# Read Title Published Details
1 Die For Me ( By: Karen Rose) 2007 Description / Buy
2 Scream For Me (By: Karen Rose) 2008 Description / Buy
3 Kill For Me (By: Karen Rose) 2009 Description / Buy
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Daniel Vartanian first appears in the book Die for Me, which is the first book in Karen Rose’s Philadelphia series, and was released in 2007. While Daniel Vartanian is not the lead character, he played a major role helping the hero, Vito Ciccotelli. The story is set in Philadelphia, and when a body is found in a field, Vito Ciccotelli, a homicide detective, is put on the case. However, Ciccotelli cannot do it alone, so he enlists the help of Sophie Johannsen, an archaeologist to progress the case after more victims are found in a mass grave. Although not the main character, Daniel Vartanian plays an important part in this story.

We then meet Daniel Vartanian again in Scream for Me, the first book in the Atlanta series by Karen Rose, and her eighth book, which was published in 2008. Special Agent Vartanian is called in to work in a new string of homicides that have a link to his past, specifically his brother. He must delve into his murky family history to try and get to the bottom of who is responsible for the deaths. However, in all of this is Alex Fallon, a nurse that Daniel Vartanian becomes attached to, only for her to appear in the killer’s crosshairs. Vartanian must find the killer before it’s to late for his blossoming romance.

The final book in the Daniel Vartanian trilogy is the second book in the Atlanta series, Kill for Me. Like Die for Me, Daniel Vartanian is not the main hero in this book, but rather it’s his partner, Luke Papadopoulos. When five teenagers are found murdered, Luke must investigate, but he must do so while negotiating his feelings for his partner’s sister, Susannah. Kill for Me looks at the dark side of internet and internet chat rooms, and the killers will stop and nothing to keep their secrets and their identities hidden from the Georgia Bureau of Investigation’s finest. Kill for Me was published in 2009.

Karen Rose, who is an alumna of University of Maryland, has been writing ardently ever since she debuted in the early 2000s. Rose, whose niche is particularly suspense and romance genres, left her teaching post at a high school and engineering job to concentrate on her writing ambitions.

During her stint as an engineer in a big company, Karen Rose started conjuring up scenes and this hampered her engineering duties. Rose started penning the thoughts just for amusement but was obsessed with writing shortly thereafter. Karen Rose has about five series of books and novellas under her belt. Incidentally, Daniel Vartanian is a series with another series. Did you know that the serialized Daniel Vartanian is a sub-series within Rose’s Romantic Suspense series that comprises of 19 major works? The books in the Daniel Vartanian sub-series are the seventh, eighth, and ninth books in the Romantic Suspense series.

The highly-rated first book in the Daniel Vartanian series has about 47 editions of which the earliest one was originally published in 2007, titled Die For Me; and this book is categorized under the romance, mystery, thriller, suspense, fiction, crime, and contemporary literature genres.

Basically, Daniel Vartanian is the featured central character in the comprehensive series. Protagonist Daniel Vartanian is a blue-eyed and golden-haired tough detective agent. A workaholic without much of a love life, Vartanian is attached to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation. Also featured are Vito Ciccotelli and Sophie Johannsen. Johannsen, the regional archaeologist, is a brainy blonde; a past master at medieval warfare, she uses state-of-the-art equipment in her archaeological work. Ciccotelli is a Philadelphia-based homicide investigator.

The turning point in the first book in the serialized Daniel Vartanian, Die For Me, is when a seemingly isolated murder investigation at a field indicates many other corpses might be within the location. Archaeologist Johannsen is outsourced; her findings show that the location is strewn with many corpses and that the person behind their deaths used medieval-era torture tactics before killing them. Amid a blossoming romantic affair, the duo starts sleuthing and connects it to a gory video game in the multi-award-winning book.

Daniel Vartanian Awards

The Daniel Vartanian series has clinched and been nominated for several literary prizes. The 2007 book Die For Me has been nominated and bagged these awards. In 2008, this book was nominated for the RITA Award, in the Romantic Suspense category. In 2007, the said book clinched the RT Award, also in the Romantic Suspense grouping. In 2008, it bagged the HOLT Medallion. In 2008, it clinched the Gayle Wilson Award.

In 2009, Karen Rose was nominated for RITA Award, in the Romantic Suspense category, courtesy of her 2008 book Scream For Me. In 2010, Kill For Me, which is the third book in Daniel Vartanian series, was nominated for the RITA Award, in the Romantic Suspense category; in 2009, that book clinched the RT Award, in the Contemporary Mystery section.

In 2005, Rose’s 2004 book I’m Watching You bagged the RITA Award, in the Best Romantic Suspense category. In 2006, Rose’s 2005 book Nothing To Fear was shortlisted for the RITA Award. In 2011, Rose’s 2010 book Silent Scream clinched RITA Awards, in the Romantic Suspense grouping.

Best Daniel Vartanian Books

The two best books in the Daniel Vartanian series are Die For Me and Scream For Me; the former has been discussed.

Scream For Me: The second book in the Daniel Vartanian series. Daniel Vartanian is grappling with the realization that his sibling was a notorious serial murderer who also committed patricide and matricide. Now Vartanian is racing against time to shield her lover who has a valid reason to fear for her life lest she be murdered like her sister whose life was brutally cut short more than a decade previously.

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The second is “Griffin Powell” series, authored by Beverly Barton. This is all about trying to get an elusive and twisted murderer in a dragnet. The third is The Glass Sisters series, a duology penned by Laura Griffin. It features protagonist Fiona Glass, a forensic artist, who uses her expertise to reconstruct the identities of sadistic serial murderers.

Daniel Vartanian FAQs

Q: Who writes the Daniel Vartanian series of books?

A: The Daniel Vartanian series of books is written by American author Karen Rose.

Q: What is the first book in the Daniel Vartanian series?

A: The first book in the Daniel Vartanian is Scream for Me, which was released in 2007.

What Is The Next Book in The Philadelphia/atlanta Series?

There doesn't seem to be an upcoming book in The Philadelphia/atlanta Series. The newest book is Kill For Me and was released on January, 2nd 2009.


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