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Sigma Force is a fictive division of the United States DARPA program in a series novels written by James Rollins. The force consists of highly trained personnel’s who combine their acquired military skills with their specialized scientific knowledge. The force primary objective is conducting investigations and securing classified information that could be a threat to the United States. The force is tasked with the following functions; research, counter-terrorism, and covert operations.

Sandstorm is the first novel in this action packed story. It all begins with Cassandra Sanchez and Commander Painter Crowe chasing after a computer hacker who is putting the country at risk. The novel seeming introduces SIGMA force and an evil opposing group known as the Guild. The protagonist in this story is commander Painter Crowe who is described as a fearless, intelligent, resourceful as well as romantic.

Order of Sigma Force Series

1Sandstorm2004Description / Buy
2Map of Bones2005Description / Buy
3Kowalski's in Love (Short Story)2006Description / Buy
4Black Order2006Description / Buy
5The Judas Strain2007Description / Buy
6The Last Oracle2008Description / Buy
7The Doomsday Key2009Description / Buy
8The Devil Colony2010Description / Buy
9The Skeleton Key2011Description / Buy
10Bloodline2012Description / Buy
11Tracker2012Description / Buy
12The Eye of God2013Description / Buy
13The 6th Extinction2014Description / Buy
14The Midnight Watch2015Description / Buy
15The Bone Labyrinth2015Description / Buy
16Crash and Burn (Short Story)2016Description / Buy
17The Seventh Plague2016Description / Buy
18Ghost Ship (Short Story)2017Description / Buy
19The Demon Crown2017Description / Buy
20Crucible2018Description / Buy
21The Last Odyssey2020Description / Buy
22Kingdom of Bones2021Description / Buy
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Order of

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One of the books in the series SIGMA Force Map of Bones has been adapted into a film and is set to appear on the big screen in 2018. Lionsgate Films will produce the film. The producer of the movie is John Sacchi. The storyline of the novel centers on the bones of the three magi who paid tribute to Jesus Christ.


Map of Bones: At a Cathedral Cologne Germany, a band of armed interlopers costumed in monk robes unleash a hell of terror and blood during a service. They mercilessly gun down and slay worshipers without even sparing the clergy. Surprisingly these criminals have no interest in the church valuable artwork or even gold. However, they are interested in a priceless treasure that is within the walls of the cathedral. They steal the bones of the three Magi who paid home to Christ.

In response to the attack, Lieutenant Rachael Verona from Rome is assigned with the task of leading the investigation. This bizarre crime is no match for an ordinary police and needs an upper hand to accomplish the investigation. The SIGMA force is called under the command of Grayson Pierce. Commander Grayson assembles a team of scientist and elite squad to solve the mystery of the stolen bones. Their investigation leads them to sites of the Seven Wonders of the World which is a doorstep to the spiritual and horrifying Dragon Court.

This ancient fraternity of assassins and alchemists have some plans for the sacred remains which if the plans succeed could lead to the human apocalypse. They are determined to accomplish their biggest plan and will not let anyone interfere with their plans.

The hunter becomes the hunted, Verona, Pierce and the SIGMA team are hunted and they have to utilize every skill they possess to survive as they seek to recover the lost sacred bones. They to do whatever it takes to get the back the bones failure to which the hell would break loose on Earth.

Bloodline: the author of the novel takes you to the edge of the modern genetics, technology, and medicine by revealing the future evolutionary leap forward- immortality.

It all begins in the year 1025 while sneaking inside an ancient citadel; a Templar knight discovers a holy treasure that has been hidden for years within the fortress. The treasure is known as the staff of Jesus Christ- Bachal Isu. This treasure holds an unknown and terrifying power that in the wrong hands can change the face of the earth.

After 1000 years, a yacht is hijacked by Somali pirates while sailing off the coast of Horn of Africa. The pirates kidnap a young pregnant woman. The commander of the SIGMA squad is assigned the task of rescue the kidnapped lady (daughter of the U.S president.) deep in the African jungle.

However, Commander Gray suspects that the kidnappers have other motives. He has to fight a shadowy faction which has terrorized people throughout history and currently challenges the presidency.

The SIGMA team is accompanied by a pair of special operatives; Captain Tucker Wayne a former army ranger and his military war dog. The straightforward rescue mission turns out deadly.

A conspiracy is exposed after a firebombing at a fertility clinic in South Carolina. The SIGMA team must do whatever it takes to save an innocent unborn baby whose existence raises doubts about the nature of humanity.


The fans of SIGMA Force series are also fans of “Cotton Malone” series authored by Steve Berry. A series about a retired Justice Department operative who faces even the world’s deadliest threat to solve the mysterious cases around the globe. The “Jeremy Logan” series novels written by Lincoln Child are also perfect for the lovers of the SIGMA Force series.

What Is The Next Book in The Sigma Force Series?

There doesn't seem to be an upcoming book in The Sigma Force Series. The newest book is Kingdom of Bones and was released on March, 9th 2021.

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  1. I’ve been a fan of thrillers since I read my first one way back in my teens (a long time ago lol). James Rollins has taken that genre and made it his own with the Sigma Force series. The thing that I love about these is that it is a continuing education, a long form story and a great read each time out. Each book is thoroughly researched and I find myself stopping reading to google things that he mentions. He’s always right on the money and when he mentions something, you can be sure that he is teaching you something new.

    I think Rollins is one of the best thriller/adventure writers of a generation and the Sigma Force book are his crowning achievement.

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