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The Silent Order is a series of action-adventure science fiction novels written by Jonathan Moeller. The books follow the exploits of a skilled commando who works to keep the galaxy from collapsing under the weight of a hostile assault.

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Order of The Silent Order Series

# Read Title Published Details
1 Iron Hand (By: Jonathan Moeller) 2017 Description / Buy
2 Wraith Hand ( By: Jonathan Moeller) 2017 Description / Buy
3 Axiom Hand ( By: Jonathan Moeller) 2017 Description / Buy
4 Eclipse Hand ( By: Jonathan Moeller) 2017 Description / Buy
5 Fire Hand ( By: Jonathan Moeller) 2017 Description / Buy
6 Wasp Hand ( By: Jonathan Moeller) 2017 Description / Buy
7 Rail Gun (Short Story) (By: Jonathan Moeller) 2017 Description / Buy
8 Master Hand ( By: Jonathan Moeller) 2018 Description / Buy
9 False Flag (Short Story) ( By: Jonathan Moeller) 2018 Description / Buy
10 Image Hand (By: Jonathan Moeller) 2018 Description / Buy
11 Ark Hand (By: Jonathan Moeller) 2018 Description / Buy
12 Royal Hand (By: Jonathan Moeller) 2021 Description / Buy
13 Rust Hand (By: Jonathan Moeller) 2022 Description / Buy
14 Thunder Hand ( By: Jonathan Moeller) 2023 Description / Buy
15 Pulse Hand ( By: Jonathan Moeller) 2023 Description / Buy
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Iron Hand, the first novel in the series, takes readers several millennia into the future. A hundred thousand years ago, humanity discovered hyperdrive technology.

The used the invention to leave the earth, taking to space and engaging in an unprecedented exploration of the solar system.

Those original pioneers hoped to forge a path to a bright and peaceful future for the human race.

However, all these years later, life is anything but peaceful. Jack March is a renowned soldier. Formerly a commando of the Final Consciousness, Jack spends his days executing missions for the Silent Order.

The Final Consciousness has nefarious plans for the galaxy. Fortunately for everyone else, the silent order is the most efficient intelligence organization around, and they have no intention of letting the Final Consciousness have their way.

The Silent Order series follows Jack March around as he takes on all manner of missions and enemies.

The protagonist is what one might call a one-man army. Jack is more of a superhero than anything else, a talented fighter with the intelligence to outthink any opponent, and the strength to force his way through any obstacle.

To an extent, the character is almost too efficient, boasting near-perfect control over his thoughts and emotions.

Nothing rattles Jack. However, he is hardly invincible, and every new story that Jonathan Moeller writes finds the protagonist facing off against a challenge designed to push his capabilities to their limit.

The Silent Order books are very simple, straightforward stories. Their primary purpose is to entertain and engage. Rarely do they attempt to add depth to any of the characters or plots.

Moeller, the author, is actually best known for fantasy. He wrote the Frostborn and The Ghosts series.

The Silent Order was his first attempt at telling stories outside his comfort zone. He wrote all the novels in the Silent Order series at once. He then dumped them all out into the world in the same year, releasing one book each week.

The novels are small, rarely longer than three hundred pages. The series was inspired by James Bond, Raymond Chandler’s Philip Marlowe and various space operas featuring pirates.

Best The Silent Order Books

These novels are most commonly praised for being simple, straightforward, highly action-oriented reads, with some of the best books in the series including:

Fire Hand: The Silent Order is one of the most feared organizations in the entire galaxy, and Jack March is their most effective operative.

Jack spends most of his days taking on the Final Consciousness, a sinister entity with malevolent intentions for humanity.

In Fire Hand, Jack must rescue one of the Silent Order’s officers before the Final Consciousness gets him.

Jack knows that he will encounter trouble. But he doesn’t expect that trouble to take the shape of an ancient relic with powerful destructive capabilities.

The Final Consciousness will stop at nothing to get this relic. But if Jack lets them have their way, the galaxy will fall.

Wasp Hand: The galaxy is always at war. Jack March thought that the days of conflict were just the norm.

But an ancient enemy changed everything. Jack knew he was in trouble when an alien vessel of unknown origin attacked him.

But then he learned the truth and realized that things were far worse than he could have imagined.

The alien vessel was merely the vanguard. A far more powerful enemy was preparing to invade human space. The only thing capable of stopping them was a crazy plan by a mercurial Admiral.

Jack has been charged with carrying out that plan.

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What Is The Next Book in The Silent Order Series?

There doesn't seem to be an upcoming book in The Silent Order Series. The newest book is Pulse Hand and was released on September, 4th 2023.

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