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Eve, Quinn and Bonnie are the three main characters upon which the plot revolves and is expounded in the “Eve, Quinn and Bonnie” series of books penned by Iris Johansen. The first book portraying the triad of the characters in the aforementioned series was originally published in April 2011 and was titled Eve. This book series is shelved as mystery and suspense genre.

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Order of Eve, Quinn and Bonnie Series

# Read Title Published Details
1 Eve (By: Iris Johansen) 2011 Description / Buy
2 Quinn (By: Iris Johansen) 2011 Description / Buy
3 Bonnie (By: Iris Johansen) 2011 Description / Buy
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The protagonist, Eve Duncan, is an ambitious and dyed-in-the-wool truth-seeker forensic artist. Eve, Quinn and Bonnie book series starts by describing the profession of Eve Duncan and the run-up to her present career path. Iris Johansen shows how the then comfortable and hassle-free life of Eve Duncan was blown into smithereens, leaving the bemoaning and moaning mother to her devices. She is befogged by the mysterious disappearance of her child, Bonnie, and is motivated to seek the wherewithal to nip in the bud such cases which befall others and augur bad for their psychological welfare.

A notable aspect about Eve, Quinn and Bonnie is that it is a series within a series. On the one hand, the wide umbrella series is titled Eve Duncan book series. On the other hand, and in this context, the sub-series is Eve, Quinn and Bonnie. The first book in the subset, titled Eve, starts by portraying Eve Duncan as she is hell-bent on using snippets of clues to follow trails and identify lost children. She is in a quest to help the kith and kin of lost children and to soothe their imaginable anguish away.

The launch pad for the empathetic careerist is a personal tragedy, where Bonnie has been killed and the murderer is yet to be accounted for. With the logistical and moral support of Catherine Ling, who is a CIA spy, Eve starts fastening on to the truth.

Eve, Quinn and Bonnie Awards

Iris Johansen has won many different awards and praises over the years. Her novel, Always, won the 1986 RT Reviewers Choice Award in the Contemporary Romance category. By the same token, another novel, Dark Summer, won the 2008 RT Reviewers Choice Award in the Suspense Novel class. Other literary works of Iris Johansen have stood her in good stead as she has also won and been nominated for varied categories. For instance she won the Historical Romance category in 1996 and the Mystery Suspense and Thriller in 1999. She has been nominated for the Mainstream Fiction (1997), Contemporary Romance (1998), Best All Around Historical Romance (1995), and Female Sleuth (2006).

Eve, Quinn and Bonnie into Movies/TV Shows

Iris Johansen work has been made into movies. Her 1999 and second novel in the Eve Duncan series, The Killing Game, was adapted into a movie in 2011 with a similar title. Laura Prepon was the starred in the movie while Naomi Judd co-starred. Johansen is credited for the 1997 romantic drama titled Burnt by Frost or, better yet, Brent av Frost. Gorild Mauseth and Stig Henrik Hoff starred in the drama. Moreover, there is a 2002 and 14-minute film titled Celebrating Mom with especially Iris Johansen and Per-Ivar Jensen in the cast.

Best Eve, Quinn and Bonnie Books

Ordinarily, the triad titles adopted from the name of the series which Iris Johansen is famed for naturally makes them the best in the Eve, Quinn and Bonnie subset. Eve is entry number 12 in the parent Eve Duncan series and the first in the Eve, Quinn and Bonnie sub-series. Quinn is entry number 13 in the Eve Duncan series and the second in the sub-series. The book titled Bonnie is the fourteenth entry in the Eve Duncan series and the third in the subset.

Eve: Eve is the most well received book in the sub-series. In this book, Johansen sets the stage for the whodunit book sub-series and her subsequent two books expound on the aspects contained therein.

Quinn: In the book titled Quinn, Eve Duncan teams up with law enforcer and former elite forces soldier Joe Quinn. Their mandate to unravel the mystery aside, they are soon besotted with each other.

Bonnie: The other book in the sub-series is Bonnie; in this book, Johansen imaginatively reconciles Eve Duncan’s chosen career path with the details behind the disappearance of her child Bonnie, where Eve will inevitably drink gory to the last dregs. There is a spur-of-the-moment twist to the whole saga where Eve’s former partner, presumed killed in action, is pulled into the gruesome vortex.

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What Is The Next Book in The Eve, Quinn And Bonnie Series?

There doesn't seem to be an upcoming book in The Eve, Quinn And Bonnie Series. The newest book is Bonnie and was released on August, 3rd 2011.


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